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Want up to date debit card information 24/7?  There's an app for that!

Shazam BOLT$ is an app that you can download to your phone or tablet for free that allows you to access your debit card information at any time.  You can also enroll for Shazam BOLT$ at  This app/program allows you to monitor your available daily balance on your card, pending transactions, view an ATM locator and establish Card Alerts.  All these features help you monitor your transactions and thereby protect yourself from fraud.  Just search for Bolt$ in your app store to install and follow the verification steps to enroll.

CHESTNUT ATM Now Open. . .

Need cash but the Bank is closed?  No problem, just visit our new ATM located in the drive up.  It's available 24/7 and FREE for Bank of Chestnut customers or Shazam Preferred Card Holders.

ATTENTION DEBIT CARD HOLDERS- Experiencing issues using your card, this may be why! 

In order to provide the most comprehensive fraud protection to our customers, our debit card program has undergone some changes.  Most importantly, your debit card will now require that you use it as a debit transaction with your PIN number at many locations such as Pharmacies, Department Store Chains, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Discount Stores and Packaging Stores.  This will help protect your debit card from being used fraudulently by being required to process with a PIN as opposed to a Credit/Signature transaction.  Unfortunately, this may mean you can't use your card for online purchases.  We have also been made aware that certain stores have a policy of not allowing cards to process as a debit unless over a certain amount.  If this occurs, you can select the cash back option in order to force the transaction over the store limit and give you some extra cash in your pocket.  Please let us know if you have any issues with processing, need to reset your PIN number or update your contact information.  More detailed information is available at the Bank of Chestnut.




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